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Texas Heritage Vineyard

Susan Johnson
May 31, 2018 | Susan Johnson

Lessons Learned

Almost a month into selling wine to the public. Hectic, happy, hilarious - my new chosen life.

Top 3 good things:
1. 99.9% of the people who come in are happy. They have decided to take a moment to try something new.
2. 100% of the people who work with us are fabulous, easy to be with and loving.
‚Äč3. It is an awe insprining thing to try something very, very new and challenging and exciting and scary. I am trying to see that as "growing". 

Reinforcement happens about ten times a day that every person has a story, a gift. People need people. They need to tell their story, their "thing". Being a good listener is hard. Billy Johnson is a great listener. He can listen so well. He makes great eye contact, he leans in, he nods and affirms the story teller. He has a gift. People feel more important around him.

Their was an entire book devoted to working on habits to be more successful. One of these habits to was something to the effect of "seek first to understand, then be understood". Seems like that is listening. I am going to try to do that better!






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