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Susan Johnson
April 1, 2019 | Susan Johnson

Spring 2019

I met a man in our tasting room last week. He and his wife stopped by for a tasting and we began to talk. Interesting couple, just out to the hill country for a couple of days to relax and explore. The topic went from one thing to another and ended up on his family history. Turns out, his great, great -grandfather came to Texas in 1836 (from Kentucky) to help the Texans gain independence from Mexico. He went all the way over to Golliad. He had been in Texas only 6 weeks when he was murdered on March 27th, 1836, by order of the Mexican president and general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. 

Such a story of selflessness and bravery. A story of giving it all for a cause and to help a brother in need. Seems like America could use a measure of this type of ultimate kindness and devotion. No questions of motive or deciet. These men were steadfast in their belief that freedom and liberty were worth the cost. 

In our routine, day-to-day existence, we often times go too fast to remember what made (and still makes) Texas a great state. It is not just the unquestionable courage of the men of Golliad or the Alamo. It is not just our abundant wealth of natural beauty and God's bounty. Most importantly, it is the spirit of selflessness and kindness to our fellow Texans. It is knowing that help is near when we need it. A priceless gift we must never take for granted!

Time Posted: Apr 1, 2019 at 11:13 AM