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Susan Johnson
August 15, 2018 | Susan Johnson

Harvest 2018

Beginning July, 22nd, Texas Heritage grapes began to be harvested by family, friends, and neighbors. It was still cool in the early morning Sunday air. Not yet sun-up, but close. Small talk, laughs, nature, and later champagne to celebrate a fruitful harvest. Thanks to all who helped bring in the crop. 

Then the work begins to transform those grapes into wine. Chemistry readings, decisions on yeast strains, temperature controlled atmosphere - all that and more go into each day on this trail from hanging on a trellis in a field to residing in a bottle with a cork. 

Part science, part art. And, a large dose of luck. And prayer. Oh and patience. Lots and lots of patience. All of that becomes worthwhile when someone remarks that they like our wine!!!

So, as we move on into mid-August, grapes are beginning to be shipped down from the High Plains of Texas. Commerce and capitalism at its best. Vine vendors sell the vines to growers. Growers buy equipment like tractors and sprayers. Growers sell to vintners who buy supplies from lots of sources from oak barrels to tanks to pH meters. Truckers truck all of these goods all over God's creation. Glycol-A.C. guys are very busy keeping fruit at certain temperatures in tanks. Servicemen do their thing to keep the forklifts moving and the tractors mowing. And, the consumer buys the finished product. This product will enhance a great meal, make conversation more candid between friends or maybe even help spark a new romance. The possibilities are endless! 

The circle grows and broadens and deepens. And so it goes....

Time Posted: Aug 15, 2018 at 8:48 AM